Wk 4: The Matt O’Connor Experience

Exhibition Experience

Artist name: Matt O’Connor

Media: Acrylic and oil on canvas

Gallery: CSULB SOA Galleries

Website: N/A

Instagram: N/A

On September 17th 2018, I was privileged to experience the work of CSULB student Matt O’Connor in the Students of the Arts Art exhibit. He is an undergraduate student that is in the School of arts working on his Bachelor of Arts. He is from Huntington Beach and has gotten some of his inspiration from living around there. He has worked on a total of 150 paintings in his career.

The paintings that O’Connor had in the exhibit were painted with acrylic and oil on canvas. He used many different colors, there wasn’t really a color pattern to his paintings. One thing that I did notice in both of his paintings is that the sky is colored the same and looks like they’re both at the same time of day, leaning more towards the sunset time of day. When you look at his work from close up, you can see the oil on canvas smeared on, but from afar it looks like the oil was applied perfectly.

O’Connor had a very clear message that he was trying to send out to his audience in his paintings. He likes to paint environmental paintings and get into details, but in his painting Every Inch it is a painting with town houses on one side and a marsh area with oil. He is trying to show people that animals are dying with all the marsh areas going away slowly with all the homes being built. He really likes to work with oil because it is fun to work with and likes to paint things with a lot of texture.

Being able to study O’connor really helped me see the world for what it is. I respect the message that he is sending to people and wants people to make a difference in the environment. The reality is that some animal species are slowly becoming extinct because of human being activities. I think if he continues his work, it could make a different to mankind and help everyone see what is really going on in the world.



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