B1: Plaster Casting at Seal Beach

On Friday September 21, I went to Seal Beach and got to work with plaster casting and make a hand mold of my hand. Luckily I brought a friend with me to help me out with this project and it was actually fun to do this project when someone else goes with you. At first we had a hard time trying to work with the plaster casting and figuring it out, but then we learned how to use it. While the plaster casting was drying up, we actually went in the water since it was pretty hot that day and played some catch with a baseball.

This is actually the first time that I have ever worked with plaster casting, but it was pretty cool to work with and it actually came out good and the hand stayed together. In my past art classes, all we’ve done is just do drawings and paint. This activity helped me to be more patient when doing other activities really take your time and not to rush through anything or else it won’t go as well as you want it to come out. The next time I have to do something like this I would definitely go for harder sand, the sand I used the first time wasn’t as solid as I needed it to be and take my time with no rushing.

Image result for plaster casting hand sand at the beach


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