B2: The Possible Future Me’s

Everyone at some point in their life have thought about what career field they would want to work in. Maybe you want to be an architect or a doctor or a scientist, whatever it may be everyone has thought of something. But people not only think of one career field, they have thought about other options in case one doesn’t go according to plan. Lucky for myself, I have thought about different fields that I can get into. At the moment, I am a Journalism major with an emphasis in broadcast and pursuing a job in sports broadcasting, more specifically doing play-by-play for games.

Becoming a play-by-play broadcaster is a hard field to get into, especially since there is a lot of competition in this field but I really enjoy being around sports and narrating games. To start off in this field I need to get exposure and experience in doing play-by-play, which I have been doing since last year. As you broadcast games, I should be making connections with other sports broadcasters and networking with other studios and networks. Find out what other broadcasters are doing in getting jobs and preparing for games, a new way of preparing for games could help me out. Always say yes to any opportunities that come my way, even if I can’t do it say yes anyway and make it happen, that might be the only opportunity that I get.

If play-by-play broadcasting does not go well, then my next option is to get into real estate. I’ve only had one sales job and based off of that experience, I enjoy helping people out and finding what they want and in sales. I have had friends and family tell me that I would be a good real estate agent since I’m very approachable and talkative. To be able to get into real estate, I know you have to go to school for it and take classes on it so I would be able to know the right approach to selling. After I am done with school, I would look for a real estate agency that I can work for and start there.

If I were to be financially secure and still need to get a job I would be a personal trainer or coach. To be exact, I would want to be a baseball coach and train high school players or college players. For personal training, I would want to help people get fit and reach their desired goal and even train athletes to get bigger, faster and stronger. One way that I can reach this goal is to start helping out my high school and help the players to improve themselves and work my way from there. I can also start giving baseball instructions and have my own business in helping athletes in their sports.

For my first option in doing play-by-play my confidence level would be 10/10 since I have been critiqued by my supervisor in 22 West Danny Lemos and he said that I do a good job and sound good and that I have to get more repetition. For real estate in my confidence level I would give it a 8/10 since I feel really strong in this area and feel that I would be able to thrive in this field. In personal training I would give that field a 9/10 since I am knowledgeable in coaching and training athletes since I have trained athletes in the past. In play-by-play this field is all about the people you know and networking so I would rate this 8/10. In real estate I don’t really have any resources that I can turn to. I only know one person that is in real estate but I would rate it a 3/10. For the personal training, I know people that are in this field so I would be able to learn from them, which means I would rate this a 7/10. When it comes to the satisfaction of these three options, I am pretty satisfied with all three. If I were to end up in any of these fields I would be happy with them so I would rate them all a 8/10.

In every field that you get into, there is always one person that you look up to and in the play-by-play field, I look up to my supervisor Danny Lemos, the media coordinator of 22 West Media. I was able to interview him and ask him some questions about how to achieve my goal. He taught me the proper way to apply to different teams and studios and how to fight for my pay rate in future jobs. He also critiqued some of the work I’m doing right now with Bishop Amat. So far according to him, I am on the right career path and going about this right, but I have to continue to look for other places to work for as my last semester here at The Beach is slowly coming to an end.


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