Wk 5: Jenny Rask’s Sculpture

Artist: Jenny Rask

Exhibition: Make Them Light

Media: Sculpture

Gallery: CSULB School of Art

Website: http://www.jennyrask.com

Instagram: @jjennyraskk

On Wednesday September 27th, I was able to experience the sculpture work of Jenny Rask at the School of Arts Museum. Rask is a graduate student working on her Master’s at the School of Arts in sculpture. She spent seven years working with sculpture but has also worked in other artistry such as photography and painting. She likes to photograph trash and her laundry and post them up on her other Instagram account.

Rask’s main media that she enjoys working with is sculpture work, which is how she thought of the Make Them Light sculpture. In the sculpture, it looked more like an arrangement sculpture than anything. It was different items scattered around the room such as piled up bricks, a rope with a balloon tied up to the tip and a pair of upside down jeans hanging from a balloon. There were  also some items that were painted such as a keyboard flipped upside down that was splattered with brown and tan paint, a bottle on top of a book that was painted green and a tiny stand painted blue at the bottom and brown on the stand.

She enjoys sculpture but she is interested in working with all materials when it comes to making new sculptures. She aims to tell a story in each of her sculptures, she doesn’t care if the sculpture isn’t pretty, she wants to build different compilations. The way she arranges her sculptures has to feel right for her. She will arrange the sculpture until she feels right and likes the arrangement. Her favorite part of the sculpture is the yoga mat and the bagget.

In Rask’s sculpture Make Them Light, I had a hard time trying to figure out the message. I stared at it for a long time and couldn’t figure out what message she was sending. I still found the sculpture pretty unique and it was something different that you don’t see every day. One arrangement that stuck out to me was the keyboard that was flipped upside down and had paint on it. The message I got out of that was that students spend so much time on computers and should appreciate other things than their computers.

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