Wk 8 Ben Lin

Artist: Ben Lin

Exhibition: No Redemption Value

Media: Animation

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: No Redemption Value

Instagram: @Benthelin

Ben Lin is a graduate student pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in fine arts in animation and illustration. He enjoys German expressionism and folktale but is interested in horror films. He never enjoyed watching horror films but is chasing for that challenge and going for illustrating horror films. His first choice was to do animation in video games, but chose horror and put in some of his own personal experiences.

In his artwork that was presented in the CSULB School of Art Marilyn Werby Gallery, he had his own wall full of his animations and illustrations. There was also a TV showing a short film that Lin created himself that was related to his illustrations on the wall.

The illustrations that Lin brought to the gallery was interesting to look at. They each gave a dark horrifying vibe to each one. You knew that his interest goes to horror films by the way his illustrations came out. the short film on the TV screen looked as if you were watching a horror film.

I have watched my share of horror films and movies and I truly think that Lin will become a talented animator in the future as his goal in the future is to own his own studio in horror, drama or history. You could tell that he has a deep passion for animation just from what I saw in his illustrations. He takes his time with every illustration that he creates and makes sure it meets his standards.

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