WK 9 Keenan Shur

Artist: Keenan Shur 

Exhibition: No Redemption Value

Media: Drawing

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: No Redemption Value

Instagram: @Kshurart

Keenan Shur is an art student pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in print making and is in his last semester. He has a fascination in different mediums such as paintings, drawings and making wood art with very high contrast. He enjoys looking at the fine art paintings of older artists in the 15-16 century from Picasso, Leonardo Davinci to Andy Warhol and Ed Roth. He is from Glendale and currently has a job at a print shop called Sunday Printco.

When he presented his work in the CSULB School of Art Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery, his taste of art was very different than what we’re used to seeing. throughout the room and on every wall, the common theme for almost every drawing was skulls. And in the middle of the gallery, there was a table filled with skulls, two bottles of spray paint, a book full of Shur’s work and other pieces of his work.

It was interesting to see the common theme to Shur’s work being skulls. When he was growing up in Glendale, his mom never allowed him to wear anything that has skulls on it so when he became an artist, he decided to draw about what he was forbidden to wear. He wanted to be rebellious in his artwork with the skulls.

Getting to talk to Shur was a new experience. He is an artist that doesn’t do art for trying to become famous or for the money, he does it for the love of it. He doesn’t have any plans of leaving his current job as he is content with where he is at now.


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