WK 10 Ashley Ryane Greer

Artist: Ashley Ryane Greer

Exhibition: No Redemption Value

Media: Metals

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: No Redemption Value

Instagram: @Ashleyryanemetals

Ashley Ryane Greer is an art student pursuing her BFA in metals. She has attended a wide variety of colleges such as Mt. SAC, Cal State Monterrey Bay, Chaffey, Fullerton City College then lasting Cal State Long Beach. At first she was a math major but found a deep love for art then changed her major to art. She is a long way from Long Beach as she is from Chino Hills. As many artists look at the work of other established artists, Greer doesn’t look at other people’s work.

On the day that Greer presented her work at the School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery, it had different shapes of metals like jewelry, chandeliers and body jewelry. Against the left wall of the gallery was what looked like a gold piece of metal that according to Greer is supposed to represent her mom. It  makes her feel safe and looks like her and she wants to honor her.

Many of Greer’s work was about different types of jewelry, which is a goal that she has for herself. In the future she wants to open her own jewelry line. There will be an event on campus December 2nd-6th where students will be able to sell their artwork and this will be a good start for Greer for her jewelry line.

Throughout this class, I have never spoken to an artist that attended so many colleges to be able to find the right one. I like that she struggled to find the right one for her since every college art program is different and she grew the liking to Long Beach’s art program. I have a feeling that she will reach her goal to start her own jewelry line. Her artwork was very pleasing to look at and people will buy her work.

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