Week 12 UAM Exhibition

This week we got the privilege to go to the UAM exhibition where a piece of art was being worked on, until it had to be put on hold. The reason behind it is that the artist Lauren Woods was fired from her job and is unable to work on her artwork due to the firing. She was working on an american monument piece of art. The exhibit was a room full of record players on tables where you can listen to the sounds of police officers and what they do while they work.

Although the main exhibit was the exhibit full of record players, the next room over was a shelf full of aluminum boxes as they were supposed to be filled up with records of the police officers but were empty. In another room there were hangings of police reports that were made prior to some of the recordings. The police reports were all filled up with people that were a part of the police recordings. Outside of the exhibit, there were clear boxes where other records were meant to be put away.

Being a part of this exhibit and experience was interesting and crazy. It felt crazy seeing someone’s work but is not put in anymore work to it. Seeing the art unfinished gave the exhibition a somewhat of an emptiness feeling. It is also crazy to think that the artwork is being paused due to the firing of Woods.As of now the school does not know whether Woods will come back to finish or will have to take her work out of the exhibit.

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