Wk 13 picture story

Once upon a time, there was a duck with leopard prints all over himself named Dave the duck that was wearing a green suit and he had a penguin friend named Paul the penguin that was wearing just a red sweatband around his head. They were good friends and always had each others backs until one day Dave asked Paul for some money. As Dave’s good friend, Paul said yes and wanted to help his friend by allowing him borrow some money, but Dave had to pay him back the next day because he had bills to pay, so he agreed. Tomorrow comes and Paul asks Dave for the money and Dave tells him that he doesn’t have the money, so Paul gets very angry and gets a firework that he was saving to light it with Dave, stuffs it in Dave’s pants and it blows up in his pants. The next day comes and Dave learned from his lesson and paid Paul his money back.IMG_2737 (1).jpg

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