B10 One More

The art project that I would like to critique is the photo shoot I had with my car. I really enjoyed doing the photo shoot but of course there’s always room for improvements. I scheduled another photo shoot with some friends during the Thanksgiving break and I really liked the outcome of these photos. In this photo shoot, I went for more angles and different lighting and settings on the camera to get different lighting and photos of their cars. Some of the strengths from the first photo shoot was the lighting from the parking structure. When I took these photos, the photos look like the time that the photos were taken. In photo shoot number two I decided to go for different looks and angles than the last shoot, which I was able to do. I took this nice photo of my friend’s car where I had the camera on the ground and I had it pointing upward and it captured a nice photo of the car with some lights hanging in the parking structure, I will show you below. I liked the outcome of this photo shoot better since the photos came out how I liked.




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