Wk 14 Natalie Rosen

Artist: Natalie Rosen

Exhibition: No Redemption Value

Media: Illustrating

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: https://narosenart.wixsite.com/narosenartn.a.rosen.art@outlook.com

Instagram: @natalieanne2

Natalie Rosen is an art student pursuing her masters in illustration. Before attending Cal State Long Beach, she was a transfer student from Cerritos College and received her Bachelor’s degree in 2012. After receiving her bachelor’s, she made an attempt to work for some time after school to make a living after that but chose to enhance her knowledge in illustrations and to continue her college career. She was born and raised in Los Angeles where she has always called home.

In the School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery, Rosen presented her work which consisted of six animal heads that represent different humor theories and emotions. Then in the middle of the gallery, there are many houses hanging from the ceiling but a snake is wrapped around the houses representing all of the conflict that every house is going through. And on the other side of the wall, there are two people talking to each other but as they talk to each other, they are forming a talking bubble  but both people are defining life in two different ways.

When it came to Rosen making a decision on what she wanted to do when she was done with school, it was a difficult decision for her to make. She admitted that it is very hard for her to decide on what she wants to do, but if she had to choose she would choose to create characters and models and to express herself by her work.

To be honest, when I walked into this exhibit, the six animal heads were creepy looking. They each looked creepy and scary but I couldn’t stop looking at them. Not only did she have illustrations of every animal, but she had head cutouts of each animal. She seemed to be an artist that has message heavy work, especially with the houses hanging from the ceiling wrapped around a snake artwork that represents conflict in households. She is finishing up her final semester here at Cal State Long Beach as this will be her final two weeks.

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